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Induction Heated Quartz Tube Furnaces (IWQ)

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IWQ furnaces are suited for many common heat-treatment, melting and distillation processes in which reactivity or the special properties of the material, metal-based alloy or mixture require a complete or partial treatment under vacuum or protective gas.

IWQ Furnaces – System Design
TThe induction heated quartz tube furnaces, essentially types IWQ 300, IWQ 500, IWQ 700 and IWQ 800 have an extremely modular design and can be adapted to many special applications. The IWQ furnace has been modified for use in processes such as heat treatment, sintering and metal distillation.

Materials heated in an IWQ furnace have a high degree of purity and better properties due to the fact that an induction coil, located outside the useful space, serves as heat source. It can couple in its energy either via a susceptor (different materials) or directly via the charge carrier.

The furnaces offer a high degree of axial and radial temperature constancy.

• Outboard induction coil guarantees no electrical flashovers;
• No possibility of water leakes from the coil into the useful space;
• Vessel material is resistant to aggressive gases such as Cl, F and HF at T 600°C;
• Standard quartz tubes with length of 2,000 mm and diameters up to 1,000 mm;
• Induction coil with and without pitch compensation, which directly heat the susceptor or the charge or preheat the mold;
• Medium-frequency power supply for the induction coil;
• A pumping system whose standard version can achieve operating pressures from 10-1mbar down to <10-5 mbar;
• Process temperature 1,500 – 2,000 °C depending on the application;
• A control panel containing all necessary controls.

IWQ Applications:
• Rare-earth metal production;
• Melting and casting of alloys;
• Refining of optical coating materials;
• Battery recycling;
• Production of Sm, Y, UAl, etc.;
• Sintering of ceramics;
• Distillation of metallic scrap and metals;
• Production of ultrapure materials for the semiconductor device industry and fiber-optic data transmission;
• Heat treatment of metals;
• Heat treatment of ceramics and glas.

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