During a celebration with invited guests, ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH inaugurated the 3rd completed construction phase in Fraunhofer Science Park in Hanau. “ALD is an integral part of the material technology competence in Hanau, fits perfectly into Fraunhofer Science Park and contributes significantly to the further development of the area”, said Lord Mayor Claus Kaminsky during the ceremony. “We are very pleased that the company is so successful and has now expanded locally for the second time”.

The new buildings created space for more than 100 additional employees. This significantly eases the space available for the ALD workforce in Hanau, which has meanwhile risen to more than 500 employees. “The continuing good business development was accompanied by a parallel increase in the number of employees and led to increase space requirements in 2018”, reported Löber, the CEO. “Recently we have had to move closer together and even create temporary solutions in order to find a place for all our employees. We are therefore very pleased that we can now move into the new buildings”.  

5000 m² space for more than 100 ALD employees

The third construction phase for ALD comprises a four-storey office building with an area of 2,500 m² and another hall with an area of 2,500 m². Identical to the large assembly hall from the first construction phase, this has sufficient hall volume and all necessary energy and media connections including the associated pits.

“We feel very comfortable here in Hanau Wolfgang and can optimally organize our processes here and thus ensure our workforce a future-proof and modern location in a highly technical environment,” said Michael Protzmann, Technical Managing Director. In the immediate vicinity of Fraunhofer and the Evonik IT Center, we see a first-class environment and potential opportunities for conceivable additions. “Here, our newly established “Industry 4.0″ department and our research and development departments for metallurgy and heat treatment will work on pioneering products such as Modultherm 3.0, which will increase the benefits for our customers,” explained Mr. Protzmann. The modern industrial site will also be rounded off by a sufficiently large parking garage, he said.

The administration of the globally active ALD Heat Treatment Services has also moved into its new offices there. In the new hall, various systems will be installed in the test center, which will be used both for the technological further development of processes and for the design of processes to customer-specific requirements.

“It is very fortunate for Hanau that ALD is so satisfied with the company’s location and is preparing for the future here,” said the Mayor and wished all employees and management all the best and continued success for the move into the new buildings.