ALD Vacuum Technologies, a leading innovator in vacuum metallurgy is proud to announce the development of a using Additive Manufacturing, enabling sustainability and efficiency for the industry.

Additive manufacturing has long been lauded for its efficiency in material yield compared to conventional processes. However, a significant challenge is what to do with rejected powder which does not meet the specified size distribution for modern powder bed systems. If left unused, this rejected powder becomes environmental waste.

ALD’s state-of-the-art additive manufacturing solution, the EBuild® 850 directly addresses this challenge. This innovative system can process powder with a wide distribution, enabling it to be used not only in industrial-scale part production, but also in powder recycling efforts. Using selective electron beam melting to create powder-filled ingots, ALD achieves an unprecedented build rate of over 1000 cm³ per hour. These ingots can be seamlessly converted into new powder, for example in ALD’s EIGA Premium systems, promoting a sustainable circular economy.

ALD’s approach not only reduces waste, but also offers versatile options for downstream processes. The powder-filled solid cased ingots are much safer to handle and process than loose powder. This flexibility increases the overall efficiency of the recycling process and enables integration into established processing routes.

By adopting ALD’s innovative approach, industries can now achieve economical production while contributing to a circular economy. ALD remains committed to driving sustainable practices within the industrial sector, paving the way for a greener future.

Figure 1: Cross section of powder filled ingot produced by EBuild 850 after atomization in EIGA.