Updated August 12th, 2021:

We are positive for future developments and would like to announce that we are optimistic to welcome you to the ALD Aviation Symposium in the third quater of 2022. During the preparation of the event for 2020 we experienced a lot of interest from many sides, and this encourages us to aim for a new approach in 2022.

Many thanks also to all supporters and contributors of the ALD symposium, especially to the many speakers and the DLR as our co-host. We hope to have you still on-board with our new 2022 schedule.

ALD is pleased to announce that our 3rd symposium “Technologies and Equipment for Aircraft Engine Components” will be held September 14 – 16, 2020 at our new corporate headquarters in Hanau, Germany and in cooperation with DLR / Cologne (German Aerospace Center). The event will be rounded off by a visit to DLR in Cologne on the 17th of September 2020.

The 2020 symposium is comprised of lectures, discussions and demonstrations of advanced investment casting, thermal and environmental barrier coatings, and other production technologies for aerospace applications. Selected manufacturers of production technologies can present themselves in a small exhibition. All lectures, demonstrations and presentations are held in English.

The general and preliminary program of the symposium:

  • Mon. Sept 14th 2020  Registration, Welcome Evening
  • Tue.  Sept 15th 2020  Symposium incl. Lunch (09:00 – 17:00), Dinner
  • Wed. Sept 16th 2020  Symposium incl. Lunch (09:00 – 17:00), Dinner
  • Thu. Sept 17th 2020  Visit of the German Aerospace Center DLR / Cologne

The main topics of the symposium will be:

  • Investment casting technology (turbine blades etc.)
  • Thermal and Environmental Barrier Coatings (EB-PVD)
  • Metal powder for aviation applications
  • Heat treatment

Detailed information on the symposium and a registration procedure will be issued in spring 2020.

ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH is a key supplier of equipment for the production of important raw materials, intermediate and end products for aviation and in particular for jet engines. Similarly, other companies of the parent company AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group are important suppliers of metals and alloys for the aerospace industry, including titanium and titanium-aluminum alloys. In this context, ALD is organizing this symposium as a platform for an open exchange of information and opinions with customers and other key players in the aviation industry.

The Institute for Materials Research at DLR in Cologne deals, among other research areas, with high-temperature resistant and functional layers. The institute develops both metallic and ceramic materials and protective coatings for them, which are used to prolong lifetime of components, prevent damage by environmental media, and enable use of the base materials in harsh turbine environments.

You are welcome to address your questions about the symposium to us:

ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH
Marketing Department (Z-M)
Phone +49 6181 307 3541
Email: marketing@ald-vt.de