3rd ALD Symposium on Technologies and Equipment for Aircraft Engine Components rescheduled to autumn 2021

We must inform you about our decision to cancel the ALD Aviation Symposium 2020 symposium which was scheduled for 14.- 17. September 2020 in Hanau and Cologne, Germany. Considering the current CoVID19 pandemic situation and an uncertain prediction for September 2020, we see too many obstacles, both for us to host the event and for all participants to make their journey from all over the world to Germany. Too many restrictions would have been to be observed during the conference days and the evening programs to make it all practical and enjoyable for all sides.

We have also decided to reschedule the symposium with a new date sometime in autumn 2021. During the preparation of the event for 2020 we experienced a lot of interest from many sides, and this encourages us to aim for a new approach in 2021.

With many conferences and trade fairs being shifted to 2021 we are unable to provide an exact date for our event at this moment.

Many thanks also to all supporters and contributors of the ALD symposium, especially to the many speakers and the DLR as our co-host. We hope to have you still on-board with our new 2021 schedule.