The new SyncroTherm® – unit from ALD Vacuum Technologies provides for the first time the complete and total integration of heat treatment into the manufacturing work center.

With this unit, the case hardening process is fully synchronized with the cycle of soft-machining, therefore allowing a continuous “One-Piece Flow”.

Technology at a glance

The case hardening process is drastically accelerated in the SyncroTherm® -unit, so that the process matches the cycle-time of soft-machining. Instead of big batches with multiple layers, the components are treated in one layer only. These so called “2D-batches” guarantee a rapid and very homogenous heat treatment for all heat treatment steps. This homogenous treatment guarantees optimum reproducibility of the heat treat quality.

The SyncroTherm® plant consists of a pressure-tight chamber in the front which serves primarily as quench chamber as well as loading chamber. The treatment chamber located behind this chamber comprises a cold loading area with telescopic loader and up to six hot zones which are arranged one upon the other. Each hot zone may hold one workpiece carrier. The treatment chamber always remains under vacuum and is separated from the quench/loading chamber by a pressure-tight door.

Hardness which pays off

Increasing demands on transmission manufacturing and costs require new solutions for a more efficient production. The heat treatment module SyncroTherm® provides the means to optimize the process chain. The continuous piece flow leads to a more effective and ecological production – and improves quality.

Advatages at a glance


  • Individual processes, customized for various parts
  • Reduction of heat treatment distortion
  • Quality documentation for each load
  • High reproducibility of component quality

Commercial efficiency

  • Rapid hardening in the sequence of machining process
  • High process flexibility
  • Reduced lead times
  • Simplified logistics
  • Maximum availability
  • Hard machining is reduced due to minimal part distortion
  • Compact, space saving heat treatment module


  • Low energy and process gas consumption
  • High energy efficiency due to low thermal loss
  • Low noise emission
  • Dry gas-quenching without disposal of waste washing water
  • No CO2 emission
  • Clean working environment without oils, vapors and flames