ALD Turn-Key Projects

We provide independent consulting services with extensive knowledge of technological and economic methods. With ALD’s assistance from the beginning of the project, we have your costs and your needs always in focus.

All factors – from the site selection, melt shop layouts, process, approval and acceptance, to operation – will be processed by our team of specialists. With ALD you are independently well prepared for your entire Turn-key Project.

Typical layout of Triple melt shop for Nickel based Alloys or Superalloys

Technical Consulting Services

  • Project definition
  • Concept design
  • Analysis of peripheral vacuum melting equipment
  • Investment and production study
  • Technical consulting for optimized coordination
  • Project execution strategy

Our Solution for Special Steel Workshops for the Highest Product Quality

The combination of ALD’s VIM-VIDP (Vacuum Induction Degassing), ESR (Electro Slag Remelting) and VAR (Vacuum Arc Remelting) Technology is the preferred method to optimize product quality in the production of special steels and base alloys in demanding industries such as Aeronautics, Energy, Transportation, Petrochemical and Tools.

As a company with great experience in producing high quality alloys with vacuum furnaces we undertake complete turnkey projects for manufacturing all kinds of metals and alloys. To suit your needs, ALD offers turnkey solutions developing tailor-made equipment and providing the peripheral equipment as well as commissioning of your project at your site.

Our engineers will demonstrate the operations and train your operators. ALD will assist in the process of selecting a customer preferred process design, main metallurgical tasks and the productivity of the processes.

  • Complete Production lines for: Special Steel industries (incl. Nickel based alloys or Superalloys), Nonferrous Alloys, Titanium industry, Turbine blade industry, Investment casting industry, Heat Treatment
  • Expertise in vacuum metallurgy and metal forming and several hundred systems of experience allow trouble free production ramp-up
  • Investment studies, engineering studies, cost analysis
  • Sales of all auxiliaries and peripheral vacuum melting equipment including manufacturing buildings
  • Cost-effective production processes, especially for smaller runs under 30 tons and production volumes up to 30.000 tons
  • Lowest time span from investment to production start, fastest return on investment
  • Elimination of interaction with different suppliers, procurement from one single source provider