Features of FastCast

  • Contact-free melting
  • High purity of melt
  • Excellent reproducibility
  • Continuous and automated single batch production line
  • Vacuum and inert gas atmosphere possible
  • Industry 4.0 capable with single part tracability

Why large-scale levitation melting?

The levitation process is able to superheat the melt to a high degree in a very short time frame
without interactions with ceramic crucibles:

  • This combination prevents any significant alloy element losses or melt contaminations
  • The high superheat opens new ways for mold design and thus for thin-walled and complex
    casting components 

Basic Concept of FastCast Pilot System

Demonstrator was designed and installed to prove levitation melting technology in industrial scale


  • Melt chamber with induction coils
  • Mold chamber with heater
  • Casting chamber with mold centrifuge and withdrawal system
  • Vertical charger for electrodes and blocks
  • Vacuum/Argon Operation

Concept of Continuous Production System

1. Preheated mold is locked in through loading chamber and is positioned onto the mold plate of the lift.
2. Lift moves the mold to top position and starts fast mold rotation.
3. Superheated melt is dropped. Simultaneously the mold accelerates downwards.
4. Melt approaches and enters mold with little relative speed difference.
5. Mold spinning can be applied to support mold filling with thin edges.
6. Lift decelerates to achieve mold filling.
7. Mold exits through unloading chamber.


FastCast Pilot System available for customer visits and trials

  • Extensive series of experiments were conducted to verify capabilities of FastCast
  • Successful casting trials with various alloys confirmed the reliability of the process with premium quality

You are invited to visit the FastCast demonstator to convince yourself from its capabilities