Glass Forming

ALD’s Glass Forming Systems (TMS Series) are high-temperature, vacuum forming systems for high-throughput manufacturing of glass shapes. They extend vacuum forming that has been traditionally used for plastics to higher temperatures needed for glass compositions to flow.

The GF series uses resistance heating to quickly heat the material above its glass transition temperature (Tg), applies the necessary force / vacuum to match the glass to the mold. Other variations of the GF Series are used for small batch glass composition development to shorten development time and thermal cycle recipes.

GF Series system application examples to date include:

  • Curved glass for smart phones—display glass and backside component production
  • Curved glass for computer monitors and televisions
  • Lens manufacturing
  • Low cost consumer glass products

Customer Benefits

Our clients trust ALD’s 150 years’ experience and knowledge in developing, engineering, manufacturing, and supporting advanced furnace designs and choose many customized, special systems including the WI, IWQ and GF Series for processing critical materials in the semiconductor, metals and glass industries. If you require a specialized system ALD welcomes the opportunity to engineer and build a customer-specific furnace.


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