High Vacuum Resistance Furnace (WI Series)

ALD’s WI high-vacuum resistance furnaces are specially designed and built for applications in industry and research with extraordinary vacuum requirements and high-temperature, controlled atmosphere processes.

Some of the WI Series furnace application examples delivered to date include:

  • Annealing, degassing, and refining of metals and alloys
  • Sintering of metals and ceramics
  • Liquid-phase sintering and metal impregnation
  • Vacuum brazing and reactive-metal brazing
  • Vacuum material testing

WI System

Customer Benefits

Our clients trust ALD’s 150 years’ experience and knowledge in developing, engineering, manufacturing, and supporting advanced furnace designs and choose many customized, special systems including the WI, IWQ and GF Series for processing critical materials in the semiconductor, metals and glass industries. If you require a specialized system ALD welcomes the opportunity to engineer and build a customer-specific furnace.