Induction Heated Quartz Tube Furnace (IWQ Series)

ALD’s IWQ induction heated quartz tube furnaces have found many applications whenever specialized, high-temperature processes need to be isolated from the heating elements. Materials heated in an IWQ furnace have a high degree of purity since there is no chemical interaction between the induction heating source and the material being processed. IWQ systems are available in a wide range of sizes up to 1-meter tube diameter and 2‑meter long process chamber. Energy is coupled into the feedstock either via a susceptor or directly via the charge carrier. The induction heated, quartz tube furnace can accommodate controlled atmospheres such as reducing (hydrogen), oxidizing, inert gas and vacuum as well as protect against aggressive vapors and chemicals at temperatures up to 2000 °C. The IWQ furnaces also offer a high degree of axial and radial temperature uniformity.

IWQ 700

IWQ 700

IWQ Series furnace application examples to date include:

  • Distillation of metals and alloys
  • Recycling of batteries containing Al, Li, Ni and Cd
  • Metal production by reduction of metallic oxides
  • Refining of optical coating materials, optical fiber materials, ultra-pure semiconductor materials
  • Melting for degassing, casting or alloying
  • Sintering of ceramics
  • Heat Treatment of ceramics, glass
  • Production of glass bodies by glazing / heat treatment of ceramic raw materials
  • Production of rare earth metal compounds such as Sm, Y, UAl4

Customer Benefits

Our clients trust ALD’s 150 years’ experience and knowledge in developing, engineering, manufacturing, and supporting advanced furnace designs and choose many customized, special systems including the WI, IWQ and GF Series for processing critical materials in the semiconductor, metals and glass industries. If you require a specialized system ALD welcomes the opportunity to engineer and build a customer-specific furnace.