LEICOMELT with Cold Wall Induction Crucible

When reactive materials such as titanium, gamma TiAl, intermetallic alloys, high temperature materials or memory shape alloys are to be processed with stringent requirements towards cleanliness and safety, the cold crucible induction melting and casting method is the right solution. This process is also known under Induction Skull Melting and is basically an Investment casting or precision casting process.

Single Chamber LEICOMELT


  • Energy Savings – Turbine blades
  • Lightweight – Structural Ti parts
  • Health – Implants
  • Leisure & Fun – Golf clubs heads
  • Better Performance – Turbo wheels
  • Recycling – Remelting of revert material (from other Ti melting processes)

Double Chamber LEICOMELT

The induction field creates a vigorously stirred melt throughout the entire melt time with excellent chemical and thermal homogenization. Because LEICOMELT furnaces are basically induction melting furnaces, they can be charged with revert material instead of utilizing expensive ingots/electrodes.

ALD’s standard LEICOMELT furnaces offer melt volumes from 2 – 22 liters.
ALD offers single and multi-chamber furnace designs which are customized to the specific melting process and casting technique (static or centrifugal). Customized furnace concepts and other crucible sizes are available according to customer requests.

Independantly form concept and size, ALD’s furnaces consider

  • Safety designs and remote control
  • Easy Operation by menu-driven furnace control in customer´s language
  • Repeatable castings by automatic sequences
  • Quality documentation by log files and process report
  • Less Maintenance – only electrical and pneumatical drives