VAR Skull Melter – Titanium Casting

Titanium casting is increasingly selected as an economical manufacturing method for near net shaped components. Applications include commercial goods (golf clubs), industrial components (pump bodies), medical parts (implants) and of course various components for the aircraft industry.

  • Casting of Titanium or Titanium based alloys
  • Homogenization and casting of Titanium Aluminides (TiAl)
  • Pouring weights from 25 to 1000 kg

500 kg VAR Skullmelter VAR L 500 SM

Because of titanium’s high affinity for oxygen, melting and casting of this highly reactive material must be done under vacuum. A consumable titanium electrode is melted by an electric arc into a water-cooled tiltable copper crucible. When the desired pouring weight in the crucible is obtained, the electrode is quickly retracted and the molten titanium is poured into a mold. The melting and pouring process is automatically controlled and can be remotely observed from a modern control desk.

Furnaces are offered in various sizes and designs to match our customer’s specific production requirements. While the standard furnace is suited for casting into static molds, the system may also be equipped with a centrifugal-casting unit to improve mold filling of shapes with small and complex cross sections. Various options are available such as an argon cooling system applied for enhanced mold cooling.

  • ALD Skull Melter design is reliable and easy to operate
  • A wide range of casting weights – from laboratory systems with 500 gram casting weight up to systems suitable for casting weights above 1000 kg
  • State of the art process control
  • Features allow automated operation with reproducible results to achieve the highest quality
  • Easy process control and documentation as required for process certification of aircraft or medical applications
  • High productivity at low operation costs
  • Pouring and tilt turn is always optimized and adapted to the product