VIM 100 – 4000

Vacuum Induction Melting and Casting Furnaces for Charge Weights from 1 to 30 tons

In 1928 the first industrial scale vacuum induction melting and casting furnace was engineered and manufactured by ALD’s parent company and then commissioned in Hanau, Germany near today’s ALD headquarters. Since that time, a variety of VIM furnaces with capacities from 1 up to 30 t have been designed, engineered and delivered to leading specialty steel and alloy producers throughout the world. ALD’s systems in the VIM 100 – VIM 4000 product line use a state-of-the-art, industry proven design. ALD offers a broad range of accessories to tailor the VIM process and controls to meet each customer’s individual production requirements. The designs have proven valuable for low-cost production of special steels and super- alloys.

Vacuum Induction Melting – VIM-F

Design Characteristics and Benefits of Different VIM Concepts

  • Simple pouring geometry and process
  • High reliability and productivity
  • High flexibility and versatility for fast product changeover
  • High product quality due to optimized melt refining conditions
  • Precise adjustment of alloy composition and melt homogenization
  • Removal of undesired and volatile trace elements
  • High levels of operational safety and environmental friendliness

VIM Furnaces Sizes and Applications

ALD offers conventional VIM chamber-type furnaces as well as the very successful compact VIM-VIDP furnace design with melt capacities from 1 up to 30 t. All VIM furnaces enable efficient production of advanced steels and special alloys in ingot, electrode and bar-stick format. Ingots can be directly rolled and forged, electrodes are typically further refined with Electro-Slag Remelting (ESR) or Vacuum Arc Remelting (VAR), while bar-sticks are used as feedstock for vacuum precision casting and metal powder production. Final products are utilized by a variety of high-technology industries including aviation, power generation, medical, chemical, electronic, off/on-shore oil industry, as well as for production of tool and die steels.

Customer Specific VIM Designs

During its long history, ALD has developed numerous customized VIM furnaces in order to fulfil specific customer requirements. Our clients can choose between different VIM design variations. Some examples are highlighted below: 

  • VIM- VIDP furnace version – the most successful ALD concept in VIM Furnace Technology
  • VIM – F version – melt chamber with front door arrangement
  • VIM – S version – melt chamber with side door arrangement
  • VIM – L version – furnace concept with ladle technology
  • VIM – R version – melt chamber crucible with rope tilting

Vacuum Induction Melting VIM-VIDP

ALD welcomes the opportunity to consult our clients in the selection of the most suitable VIM furnace concept or to engineer a customer-specific VIM furnace design to meet your requirements and applications.