LPC Engineering Service

Our engineers and process specialists support you as a competent partner to develop customized solutions which are targeted for highest economic performance. More than 15 years of experience in the application of the process technology, extending the opportunities for vacuum case hardening of gear and motor components. With our extensive experience we can provide technical consulting and engineering services at the highest level.

If competent consultancy for case hardening of gear components is wanted, if heat treat processes need to be laid out in detail, if fixturing needs to be developed – our team of process specialists can support you. In our competence center in Germany and in our heat treat service center in Port Huron (USA) we offer the latest furnace equipment technology. We are processing prototypes, run-off quantities and original production loads.

A complete service, which is unique

  • Process development for case hardening by using the most advanced technology
  • Optimization of microstructure and hardness profile
  • Reduction of distortions
  • Development of robust processes which are ready for industrial implementation
  • Design of fixtures
  • Prototype treatment

The complete documentation (process parameters, load maps, metallurgical analysis etc.) simplifies the transfer into industrial production. The service can be completed by training for design engineers, planning engineers, process engineers and furnace operators, as well as process and production support at the customer’s premises.


If you rely on our expertise to develop recipes, which are specifically targeted for your components, your economic numbers will improve, if distortion is minimized, the costs of your total manufacturing chain are reduced substantially. Optimizing furnace recipes can improve your production capacities and the optimize use of media consumption (energy, gases etc.), which provides solid support for a planning of your future production. Additionally, ALD offers production support in your production facilities during the start of production. By using the LPC Engineering-Service from ALD, you gain robust processes without the additional investment in human resources.

For more details please contact:
Mr. Dr. Volker Heuer, Phone + 49 6181 307 3372, dr.volker.heuer@ald-vt.de